In general, was communication clearer and more effective before the advent of social media? If so, in what ways? If not, why not?

Communication was definitely clearer and more effective before the advent of social media because people did not have digital devices in front of their faces distracting them from interacting with the people around them. People were forced back in the day to communicate with each other to avoid awkward silence but, now a days to avoid awkward silence people will have their heads down in their phones and they become to intrigued with what they are doing on the phones to pay attention to the surroundings around them. In the book, Superconnected, it states, ” In prehistoric times, before records of these processes could be kept, communication consisted primarily of gestures, grunts, body language,” (Chayko, 2018). This is how communication all started and it gradually got into speaking but, now it is starting to become less communication as devices become more parts of our lives.

Reference: Chayko, Mary. (2018). “Superconnected: The internet, digital media, and techno-social life”. Sage publications pg. 15.

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I am a Junior at Stockton University hoping to become a Special Education teacher once I graduate.

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