How can you tell when information or websites on the internet are fake or credible? Explain and provide at least one example of each

It is ideally hard to tell whether information or websites on the internet are fake or not because a lot of the time people who think some news are fake just simply disagree with what they are stating so they consider it to be fake while others may believe it to be true. One way that you can tell if a website is legitimate is if you look up in the search bar on the left and see a lock which indicates that it is a true reliable site to be on. Where as a site that does not have a lock may provide false information. To consider news to be credible or fake you have to see who has written the material and if it shows that they are not a trained writer or reporter that is a way to tell if a news story is going to be fake or credible. The small details in the website can tell you if a website is credible because these fake websites make it look so real that a person has to pay attention to the little details.

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I am a Junior at Stockton University hoping to become a Special Education teacher once I graduate.

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