Wearable devices like i-watches are now fitted with heart rate trackers, gyroscopes and accelerometers to help keep the user healthy and physically fit. Do you think more technologies will create a healthy and better society in the near future? Can you reconcile your response with the high level of obesity in American society?

I believe that technologies will try and create a healthy and better society in the near future but, it all depends on the person to do the activity themselves. There are fit bits that help you track your steps for the day and they make it fun by having an app that is connected to your phone and it allows people to connect with other people and have competitions with each other who can walk the longest in a day. They are trying to make it fun with other friends to get people motivated into working out more. These devices can help people who have high levels of obesity track their health by tracking their heart rate, sleeping patterns, and activity for the day. This might help obese people to walk more and get help when they notice that their health is not looking well. The only problem about these devices is that they need to become more accurate because it will track steps that a person has not taken and activity levels may also be inaccurate.

Published by cericold

I am a Junior at Stockton University hoping to become a Special Education teacher once I graduate.

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