Is it necessary to unplug sometimes? How much/how often? What would be the benefits and what would be the drawbacks? If not, why not?

I believe that it is necessary to unplug sometimes. I believe a person should be on their phone for 15 minutes and then take a break for one hour per day. That may seem extreme but, usually no one needs to be on their phone more then 15 minutes unless there is an important conversation that is going on between you and someone else but, even then answer a text and put the phone down. I think that being on the phone for 15 minutes seems like a reasonable time because it gives you just enough time to look at any social media you have and answer any emails or text messages back and then take a break for a whole hour to do something and get something accomplished instead of wasting hours on your phone and not getting anything done.

The benefits about being away from your phone for an hour and only spending 15 minutes on it is that you can get a lot of things accomplished and spend time with the people around you and not be stuck in front of a bright screen that can cause migraines and straining your eyes. Some of the drawbacks about being away from the phone or computer is that you might miss out on some news or someone important trying to contact you and when you contact them back later then they might not answer and then you are playing phone tag.

Published by cericold

I am a Junior at Stockton University hoping to become a Special Education teacher once I graduate.

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