Are Digital Devices Impacting Offline Communication? How?

Yes, I believe that digital devices are impacting offline communication because people fail to talk in person now a days and use their digital devices when they are out in public with other people. For example, many people who go out to eat tend to be on their phone more then talking to the people who are across from them. In the book, Superconnected, it talks about how, “those who live in environments saturated with technology can find that nearly every aspect of life is affected,” (Chayko, 2018). People use technology to even tell other that they have arrived at their house instead of going up to the door and knocking or ringing the doorbell. I believe that digital devices might even take over businesses and all people will have to do is just use a digital device to get food or other things.

Reference: Chayko, Mary. (2018). “Superconnected, the internet, digital media, and Techno-social life.” Sage Publication. Pg. 5.

Published by cericold

I am a Junior at Stockton University hoping to become a Special Education teacher once I graduate.

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